Unboxing the Hasselblad Stellar

This is a follow-up to the video above. Mode Ring

After using this camera for about a week now I can say it delivers most of what you would expect. Before I launch into what I mean by “most”, let me first state that I love this camera. Everything about it that is Hasselblad is executed to perfection. The fit and finish is amazing. The images are sharp and have a warm, almost analogue quality to them. As a former film photographer, the settings and modes have a familiar feel. The “mode” ring on the front of the camera can be set to perform various functions. I use it to control the aperture. The fill flash is excellent and the battery life seems to be above average.

USB Port

It’s hard to complain about having too many shooting modes… but there are a lot of shooting modes. Eventually, with more experience with the camera, the differences between them will become clearer. What will not improve over time is that fact that the shooting modes often conflict with ancillary settings. For example, a particular shooting mode may not be compatible with a flash mode or shutter mode resulting in an error message. Why not remove the options from the menu if they are not available instead of throwing an error message? UPDATE: Settings that are not available in a particular mode are slightly grayed out but still selectable. Also, as has been noted elsewhere, the port cover to access the usb link is flimsy and it’s hard to see it surviving for the life of the camera.

Again, these are small things that are mildly disappointing but overall this is an amazing camera.