DIY Photo Printer Stand

Because I had a limited amount of space in the new office, I needed to build a custom stand for my photo printer. This project turned out to be around $100 which is more than I had originally intended to spend but if you go to a plumbing store for the pipes and fittings, you’ll probably spend less.

To replicate this project, you will need the following:

  1. Two sheets of unfinished wood. I used pine shelving material from Home Depot.
  2. Four, 12in lengths of plumber’s pipe. (In the photo you’ll see eight but you only need four.)
  3. Eight pipe joints the fit the pipe.
  4. Four casters. I bought cheap ones - no one will really see them and they can get pricey.
  5. Varathane wood stain - Dark Walnut
  6. Varathane Polyurethane
  7. Wood screws


Step 1

Sand and Stain

Sand and stain the wood. I used two coats for a deeper, darker finish. Dark walnut stain is great for achieving that mid-century modern look. Apply the polyurethane to seal the stain and the wood. This also yields a smoother finish. I also applied two coast of that. I chose to let it dry overnight.

Step 2

Attached the fittings to each corner of the wood on ONE of the boards - not both. Screw in one set of pipes then screw the second set of fittings on top. Place the second board on top and screw the remaining fittings on to the second board.


Step 3

Attached the casters. If you bought cheap casters like me, you might want to inset them from the edge so they’ll do their job but not be seen.

Well, that was easy. This set up should be plenty sturdy if you’re feeling like you need an extra tier. If you have any tips or suggestions that might help anyone else, please leave them in the comments.